All transformers are tested at the manufacturing facility prior to shipment.  They must meet all quality criteria prior to release.

  • Full-fledged automated in-house testing to carry out all routine tests conforming to applicable standards.
  • Type Tests can be performed in-house or using independent third party laboratories, including the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA), and NABL Accreditation Laboratory in India.

Standard Tests:
• D.C. Resistance Measurement
• Polarity and Phase-Relation Test
• No-Load and Excitation Current Test
• Voltage Ratio
• Impedance Voltage and Load Loss Test
• Dielectric Tests
• Applied Voltage Test
• Induced Voltage Test

Optional Type Tests:
• Temperature Rise Test
• Sound Level Test
• Partial Discharge (corona)
• Impulse Test (BIL)
• Short-Circuit Test
• Customers are welcome to witness tests and perform factory inspections

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